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16 April 2007: An unexpected encounter

Posted in Far East Cruise 2007, Hong Kong, Video by Dennis Wright on April 22, 2007

While we were still in the departure lounge in Manchester, Naomi called Ros Farshi and discovered that Igal was in … Hong Kong! The Farshis had just got back from Pesach in Herzlia and Igal had gone straight off to Hong Kong for an electronics trade fair.


So, once at HK airport I called him on his mobile. He was caught totally by surprise and a bit bemused, but pleased to hear from us and we arranged to meet up. This was his last night in HK and he had the evening free. By chance he was staying at the Kowloon Hotel which is directly behind the Peninsula Hotel and mere yards from ours.


We had time to watch the nightly 8pm laser light show from our hotel window, grab a quick shower and meet Igal in the lobby of our hotel. The laser show is a tourist attraction by arrangement with 13 buildings on either side of the channel between Kowloon and HK island. The various buildings flash lights in different colours and lasers beam out from the building-tops in time to music which you can tune into on FM radio. The show lasts 13 minutes and is very cutely done.



Igal was kind enough to buy us some dinner and took us shopping on Hong Kong’s main tourist shopping street, Nathan Road, which runs north from close to our hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Igal loves shopping at the best of times and an evening haggling in the handbag shops, buying bags for Rebecca, and he is in heaven.

Photo resolution a bit below the usual standard – taken on Naomi’s phone, no flash.


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  1. Jonny Wright said, on April 22, 2007 at 11:57 am

    Shocking – why didn’t you have your digital SLR with you?!

    This blog is a great idea, keep it up! By the way, any chance you can give me the address and dates of your hotel in Tokyo, and the details of your flight back?

    Love to you both,


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