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Tied up in Knots

Posted in Far East Cruise 2007, Video by Dennis Wright on May 20, 2007

My senior baby, Jonathan, bought me a real bow tie, the type you actually have to tie, to wear for formal dinners on board ship. To him, having spent 2 years at Oxford where every other night is a posh do of some sort or other, tying a real bow tie is no longer a dark art. For me it was a challenge. He tried to teach me before we set off on our holiday but I really needed a bit more time and practice.

It brought back to mind the time, and it seems so very long ago, that I had to stand behind him to knot his schooltie on his first day at Altrincham Preparatory School. Oh, the irony.

Well on the first formal evening I followed the instructions that came with the tie but could not get it tied properly so resorted to my trusty ready-tied bow tie with a fastener.

For the second formal evening we allowed an extra 30 mins but after many attempts we were getting more and more exasperated and no closer to any kind of attire I would dare be seen wearing in the ship’s restaurant.


We got there in the end, but only after resorting to the Internet. I found this website which has a video of how to do it. Thank heavens for the Internet and the ship’s wifi which we could access from our stateroom.

Naomi wouldn’t let me take the tie off – I was forced to wear it to bed. My friend in the photo is Dam Dam. Holland America Line provided every stateroom with a complimentary stuffed panda toy for our trip to China. We called ours Dam Dam after the ship, the Statendam. Naomi had previously been on another HAL ship, the Oosterdam. Every HAL ship is a something-dam.

On days we were in port, from the quayside you could look along the portholes and there would be a cuddly panda in nearly every one.


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