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Harry Potter and the Obliterated Forest

Posted in General, Harry Potter by Dennis Wright on July 22, 2007

Thanks to JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, my green credentials are in tatters.

They were on a high after I acquired a hybrid car last week. OK, I got it as a company car because it will save me over £200 in tax a month compared with my previous car, was heavily discounted and will save me hundreds of pounds a year in fuel … and it is still a very neat car.

But no-one knows about my ulterior motives. I could have stood up and claimed I’d done my bit for the environment. No-one could have argued that I didn’t care about climate change when I booked a flight for a holiday abroad.

Unfortunately, that is all out of the window now because of Harry Potter, his damned Deathly Hallows and the related supermarket price war.

I am a Potter fan, so is my wife, so are my three kids. Everyone wanted a copy. No-one wanted to wait for their turn to read it. Meantime, Asda supermarket were selling the books at £5. That’s £5 for a 600-odd page hardback book with an official RRP of £17.99. When you can buy 3 of the damn things more cheaply than the RRP for one and everyone is desperate for a copy you end up with a houseful of them like they magically mastered the art of breeding.

When in a few days everyone in the family has finished the book, are we going to stack our respective copies neatly on a shelf? Does any one household really need to keep more than one copy of the book once everyone has read it? Replicate this across thousands of households and recycling bins at supermarket carparks everywhere will soon be stuffed full of Potterbooks. We are in the era of the disposable hardback book.

Even allowing for the fact that the books will have been manufactured in part from recycled paper, that spells Avada Kedavra for at least 37 major forests, 12 copses and half a medium sized grove when you think of the popularity of Potterbooks globally.

Think of the number of Deathly Hollows in our forests thanks to the Deathly Hallows.  And I contributed by buying multiple copies.

I feel so dirty. I shall go for a drive in my environmentally friendly car to cleanse myself spiritually, … just as soon as I’ve finished the next chapter.


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  1. Perrie Halpern said, on January 8, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Don’t worry about the trees. Most of the paper is recycled. But if you are really concerned, get a Kindle. I know that you need an excuse to get a new toy.

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  4. Dennis Wright said, on July 23, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    Muito obrigado Pedro, mas por favor nao diga nada mais. Por entanto nao acabei o livro.


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