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Nagasaki: Glover Garden

Posted in Far East Cruise 2007, Japan, Nagasaki, Travel by Dennis Wright on August 9, 2007

japan flag It’s somehow fitting that on 9 August 2007, 62nd anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb which devastated Nagasaki, I’m blogging about my visit to the city. It does though bring it home how far behind I am with this blog. I started this series of cruise-related posts so the kids could follow us on our holiday, but I’m still writing it even though we were in Nagasaki on Tuesday 1st May. This has become an “I’ve started so I’ll finish” job. At least there will be a record for posterity, made while the trip is still fresh (or freshish) in my mind.

After the atomic bomb museum we returned by tram to Oura-kaigan-dori station close to where the Statendam was docked, then took another tram for the short journey to Glover Garden.

nagasaki statendam

nagasaki tram ourakaigandori

Glover Garden is named for Thomas Blake Glover, a Scottish industrialist who came to the city as a young man to seek out his fortune when Japan opened its borders to foreign traders in 1859, ending a long period of self-imposed isolation. The garden features the western style homes from the period, including Glover House.

The garden is on Minamiyamate hill overlooking the harbour, with panoramic views of the city.

nagasaki glover garden

nagasaki glover garden

nagasaki glover garden


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