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Spectacles and Temples

Posted in Far East Cruise 2007, Japan, Nagasaki, Travel by Dennis Wright on September 11, 2007

Any must-seeing activity in Nagasaki must include the famous Meganebashi, or “spectacles bridge“. It is a double-arched bridge over the Nakajima river which can look like a pair of spectacles due to the reflection of the arches in the water.

Unfortunately the light wasn’t good enough to produce the effect properly when we were there.

nagasaki spectacles bridge meganebashi

We did spot this interesting stone in the wall on one side of the river. Clearly a labour of love.

nagasaki spectacles bridge meganebashi

Not far from the bridge is the famous Tera-machi-dori (“temple town street”) famous for its shrines. From there we made a short detour to see Sofuku-ji, a Chinese temple dating from 1629.

nagasaki sofuku-ji

nagasaki sofuku-ji

nagasaki sofuku-ji

We noticed this space-saver car park near the temple.


We managed a bit of shopping in Nagasaki’s main shopping district before returning to the ship. Naomi had been smitten by a purse she saw in a shop in the Hamano-machi arcade. Kept going back to look at it but reckoned it was too pricey, even though she loved it and her old purse was falling to bits. While she was window-shopping elsewhere I went back to the shop and bought it. She found it in her heart to forgive me.


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