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Casa Milà .. on the roof

Posted in Barcelona 2008, Travel by Dennis Wright on April 29, 2008

Flag of Catalonia There is considerably more opportunity for photographic indulgence on the roof of Casa Milà than any other part of the building, to the extent that it is almost impossible to take a picture there without inviting cliché or invidious comparisons with the efforts of better photographers.

You need only search for “Casa Mila” on Flickr to get a sense of how over-photographed the world’s more popular tourist attractions have become, and how high the standard you need to attain if you want to stand out from the crowd. It is almost enough to drive one to despair.

Nevertheless, here are some of my humble efforts:

Gaudi's Casa Mila

Note these are not random sculptures. The various structures that adorn the roof of Casa Milà are stairways for roof access, chimneys and ventilator towers. The building would have needed these anyway so Gaudí included them within his creative scope. Why let an opportunity for dazzling creativity go to waste? Traditional chimneys and ventilators wreck the aesthetics of an edifice. Doing things Gaudí ‘s way turns them into an artistic asset.

Gaudi's Casa Mila

Gaudi's Casa Mila

Gaudi's Casa MilaGaudi's Casa Mila

Gaudi's Casa Mila


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