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Casa Milà .. in the apartment

Posted in Barcelona 2008, Travel by Dennis Wright on May 13, 2008

Flag of Catalonia Yes, we’re still on Casa Milà.  Yet another phase of our visit.

This time, the apartment exhibition.  A period apartment has been recreated in part of the building; not necessarily an attempt to replicate the actual furnishings that would have been there in the early 20th Century, just to recreate the look and style of the age.  I imagine many or all of the items on display will be genuine antiques from the period.

casa mila barcelona

The odd thing for me was that the inside of the apartment looked old fashioned but the outside of the building looked modern.  Even today the architecture of Casa Milà is ahead of both its time and our time.  It is only when you tour a period apartment like this that you are reminded how old the building is.

casa mila barcelona

casa mila barcelona

casa mila barcelonacasa mila barcelona

casa mila barcelonacasa mila barcelona

casa mila barcelona

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  1. Aiden Bowman said, on November 27, 2014 at 2:53 am

    Hi Dennis!

    I was wondering if we could use one of your lovely images for a book we are publishing? We’re an architecture firm working on our second monograph and would like to use the image of Guadi’s catenary in the book – please contact me at!

    PS – I couldn’t find your email address, so have contacted you here 🙂

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