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The State House #1

Posted in Travel, USA by Dennis Wright on October 29, 2008

We crossed Beacon Street to the Massachusetts State House and found it was open to visitors, so decided to take a look around.  We spent more time there than we’d expected, but there was a lot to see.  There is tight security on the way in, but from then on visitors can pretty much wander round as they please.

This is the Memorial Hall:

The Hall has a remarkable huge stained glass skylight window.

This is the hall outside the office of Timothy P Cahill, Treasurer and Receiver General. Tim didn’t appear to be in.


Green T to Boston Common

Posted in Travel, USA by Dennis Wright on October 23, 2008

Having told the pictorial story of Adrian & Peg’s wedding on 24 August, we are going back in time a few days.

Before travelling north for the wedding we spent a few days sightseeing in Boston, staying at the Royal Sonesta hotel in Cambridge, with views of Boston across the Charles River.  The first room they gave us, in the East tower, was too low and the view was restricted.  Fine if you like admiring other people’s yachts. The hotel was full on the first night so couldn’t move us, but promised to try for the next day.

On the morning of Wednesday 20th August, Naomi and I set off to explore Boston. Having no better ideas, we decided to follow the Freedom Trail on the grounds that it took in the key historical sights and would cover a variety of districts in central Boston. To get across the river we took the green line of the “T”, Boston’s underground rail system. We called it the Green T. It was a few minutes’ walk from the hotel to Lechmere station. We bought our “Charlie Tickets” and rode the T to Park Street station which is just on Boston Common.

This import from London, used now for sightseeing tours, was just across the street from the hotel as we set off for Lechmere.

The Freedom Trail starts at the Boston Common visitor centre, with guides in historical garb. We eschewed the services of the guides, preferring to follow our own schedule. There are many sights in the park and we could have spent hours there, but instead headed off towards Beacon Street and the Massachusetts State House.

The Robert Gould Shaw Memorial

The Robert Gould Shaw Memorial

Adrian & Peg’s Wedding #17 – Sunset

Posted in Adrian & Peg Wedding, Travel, USA by Dennis Wright on October 4, 2008

This is the last post in the series on Adrian & Peg’s wedding in August.

In truth the series has been more web gallery than blog. I have added a bit of text commentary as required, but the pictures have pretty much told the story on their own.

Let your pictures do the talking …

Another of my legendary abstracts …

It was a day that everyone present will always remember … which I’m pretty sure is what Adrian & Peg intended.

Thank you Adrian and Peg for inviting us. It was magical.

Adrian & Peg’s Wedding #16 – Kissing ducks

Posted in Adrian & Peg Wedding, Travel, USA by Dennis Wright on October 2, 2008

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