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Along the Freedom Trail to the Old State House

Posted in Travel, USA by Dennis Wright on November 9, 2008

We succeeded in exiting the State House by a side entrance near a large square and it took us a while to work our way back to Beacon Street. We headed off down Park Street and onto Tremont Street (opposite side of Boston Common to the State House) in search of lunch.

We alighted on Finagle A Bagel, because we were after something light. We placed our orders for lox bagels at the far end of the counter (furthest from the door to the street). The staff drop bagels of the right specification onto a conveyor belt that runs along the front of the counter, behind glass. The belt takes each bagel to a rotating blade which slices it in two, after which it hurtles past the blade at double the speed to a collector area where it is picked up by the sandwich maker staff who assemble it with fillings and bag it up.

Thanks to Paul Martin (jugglerpm) who placed a photo of the blade on Flickr.

Picture Paul Martin (Flickr & Creative Commons)

Picture Paul Martin (Flickr & Creative Commons)

There’s a YouTube video here which shows the blade in action.

We had our lunch in the park then picked up the Freedom Trail again. We looked in briefly on Park Street church and the Granary Burying Ground. Then onto King’s Chapel on the corner of Tremont St and School St. There was a service in progress so we did not go in.

Down School St and left on Washington St to the Old State House, the seat of the Massachusetts state government prior to its move to the present Massachusetts State House in 1798.

This is the east side balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1776 by Col. Thomas Crafts.

Looking down State St to the Custom House Tower, now a Marriott Hotel.

We again picked up the red line on the ground that marks the route of the Freedom Trail and followed it along Congress St to the delightfully unpronounceable Faneuil Hall. I think it’s usually pronounced “fannel” to rhyme with flannel or “fanniel” to rhyme with Daniel. Or maybe something else. “Fanooey” to rhyme with gooey?


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