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Trinity Church

Posted in Travel, USA by Dennis Wright on December 8, 2008

While at Copley Square we had a look inside the venerable Trinity Church. Having established that photography was allowed inside the church I proceeded to take some photos, as best I could in the very limited light.

The first one was taken looking straight up at the ceiling. Not sure if the resemblance to a draughts board is intentional.


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  1. Oguzhan said, on December 5, 2012 at 7:26 am

    Very strong pontis Curt, and I appreciate the good nature of our discussion.My issue is not in BEING provocative, (Hey this is ME you’re talking to).It’s using questionable implications, misdirection, or perceived or realized falsehoods to do it that bothers me.We haven’t had that extended conversation about Bell’s newest book, but from a purely intellectual, and rigorously honest historical perspective Bell’s book had numerous errors of fact in it.If Wright infers that because America develops weapons (the vast majority of which are used and have been used to protect and defend innocent people) and implies that America is a war-mongering state (or wishes to see people fry ,) and if Bell has flat out errors of substance on the issue that historians and literary experts easily point out, my question becomes, Why? If what they have to say in the rawest form of its actual meanings from the actual words they speak or write has to be built on presuppositions that are dishonest or erroneous in their support, how strong can their ultimate observation be?This is a normal point of probing when undergoing any degree of intellectual exercise.I’m guessing from the abbreviated discussion we’ve had thus far that you and I might not agree on the existence of hell beyond this life.I know I’ve lived extended seasons of suffering and conditions that I believed to be hellish in nature in this lifetime. Nearly all of them after the point and time when I surrendered my life to Christ.Divorce, the loss of a child, the loss of multiple jobs, the loss of ministry, the betrayal of close friends, observing first my mother, and then my bride’s lose extended, painful bouts with cancer, experiencing a son who already had multiple challenges enter into a season of rebellion and rejection of God, a father who led me to the Lord who walked away from his faith, and this is just a starter list I’ve also seen suffering up close in literally the poorest places on this globe Haiti and the African continent. I’ve held the hands of aids afflicted orphans. I’ve had a girl who had experienced harsh starvation fall asleep on my shoulder in the only little dress she owned though it was stained of urine and smelled potently of worse. I’ve gotten the 3am calls from friends whose spouses had just walked out on them multiple times.Are these existences hell? They feel like it But they don’t seem to measure up to what Jesus described hell to be. An existence apart from Him.At the end of the day my focus is on meeting these needs, and loving people in the midst of these circumstances and to point them to the promise of that day when broken things are made whole.I think Bell confuses suffering something that God will allow all of us to experience with the reality of what Jesus described hell to be.But suffering is not all bad, and hell always is.We know that trials serve a purpose for us to grow in our desire to trust and depend upon Him!And how do we do that? By knowing Him, the way we know anyone, spending time with Him, listening to Him, and being surrendered to the idea that He knows more than I about the challenges of this life.In trusting that do I find heaven? Maybe not in this life, but that hope of the day when I like Paul will be absent from this life, and present with Christ is the greatest hope my heart has ever known I’ve seen it to be even more so for saints who are at the end of life’s journey and suffering from disease, pain, and hurt.And it has pulled me through the darkest nights of my short 41 years.Ps. 115:3 God is in heaven, and does what pleases Him!And if I belong to Him, then that is all the comfort a hurting heart will ever need Because it is the greatest word of truth that can ever be spoken!I’m still up for the cup-o-joe!

  2. sugardaddydating said, on December 8, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Wow~! Beautiful pictures the Church is beautiful.

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