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Confuse a Twitter

Posted in General by Dennis Wright on March 25, 2009

You can now subscribe to this blog on Twitter.

If you are a Twitter-user (and who isn’t these days?) just click here, then click the “Follow” button.

Then, each time there is a new post on this blog you will see a tweet and a link in your Twitter stream.

What more could you ask for?

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Confuse a Dog

Posted in General by Dennis Wright on March 11, 2009

This blog has a new Internet address. It continues to be hosted on and can still be reached via its old URL of, but from today it’s main URL is

There is, as with all things, a reason for this.

It has a lot to do with the arrival of a 6 month old mongrel puppy in our household. Tiggy, as we have named her, has much to learn, not least about walking on the lead. As is typical for young dog, she tends to try to run in all directions, move from side to side, run ahead and pull on the lead, get distracted by pedestrians and cars, etc.

We were given some advice by Claire, a colleague and friend of Naomi’s, who has long experience with dogs. She told us there is a trick to getting a dog to walk to heel and not pull on the lead. It is all about avoiding predictability. If you always follow the same circuit, the dog rapidly gets a sense of where it is headed and will tend to pull for home. If on the other hand you keep varying the route you take on your walks, keep changing direction, vary your speed without warning, cross the road at random, the dog will become confused about where it is and become much less likely to pull.

We have tended to refer to this concept, for short, as “confuse-a-dog”, partly in homage to Monty Python’s “Confuse a Cat” sketch. Instinctively we bolted on “dot com”, maybe because it has the right ring to it in the Internet age. Thus the notion of was born.  It never occurred to me that the domain might actually be available.  I tried it in the browser some days later out of curiosity, and found it was unknown to DNS servers anywhere.

So on impulse I registered it and decided to attach it to this blog, since this was the only website of mine still using a URL. may not make a lot of sense as a name for a personal and travel blog, but please just humour me. At least it is no less logical than “cheese blintz”. Now, I haven’t checked to see whether might still be available …

Pictures of Bobbins

Posted in Family by Dennis Wright on March 3, 2009

I miss Bobbins and have been looking for pictures of her. We don’t seem to have taken many, and not really any good ones. I don’t know why.  There are loads of horse pictures in our photo library but very few of Bobbins.

Maybe she was just so much a part of everyday life that we never felt the need to take pictures of her.

This is what I’ve been able to find that’s remotely usable. Not much really, to say that’s all we’ve got left of her, aside from our memories.

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