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Jonny’s Charity Skydive

Posted in Family, Sport by Dennis Wright on May 22, 2009

On 1 May, Jonny and some friends from law college made parachute jumps for Cancer Research, at the Parachute Centre, Tilstock Airfield near Whitchurch, Shropshire. Naomi went to witness the event and take some pictures.

I’m sure the cap was necessary but can’t quite see Biggles wearing it.

Not a trace of fear from Jack and Jonny.

The Parachute Centre use an Australian-built Gippsland GA8 Airvan.

There was another skydiver on the plane, unconnected with Jonny and his friends, an experienced solo skydiver who jumped out at 5,000 ft. He did some stunts including this upside-down maneouvre.

Jack and Jonny each made a tandem skydive, from 10,000 ft, with an instructor holding onto them the whole way down. Jonny was the first out.

Tandem jumps in tandem. Jack on the left, Jonny on the right.

This is a close-up of the picture above.

Jacks lands.

Followed by the plane.

The full set of pictures is available here.


Chatsworth International Horse Trials 2009

Posted in Equestrianism, Family Outings, Sport by Dennis Wright on May 17, 2009

Some pictures I took at the Chatsworth International Horse Trials this weekend. These are all from the cross country event. No show jumping or dressage.

The weather was very changeable – fleeting sunshine would give way to torrential rain in a matter of seconds. I did not fancy the risk of water damage to my camera and took it back to the car out of harm’s way.

These three, of Polly Jackson riding Papillon over one of the water jumps, form part of a sequence on continuous shooting.

Sarah Barker on Diamond Life. Seems to be finding it an exhilarating experience …

Another Sarah, Sarah Thorpe, riding Durlas Aris. I nearly left this picture out, because the horse’s head is partly out of shot. But on reflection, it captures the power and pace of the horse, and the impact on the water, better than any of them.

I believe (based on this) that this is Beatrice Stocks on Toy Story II.

Oli Townend on ODT Penguin Ice:

More British Open Show Jumping

Posted in Equestrianism, Family Outings, Sport by Dennis Wright on May 13, 2009

Some more pictures from the British Open Show Jumping Championships 2009. This one, of William Whitaker on Fairviews Mirabelle D’Or, is my favourite.

The horse is not 100% sharp, I couldn’t get the shutter speed fast enough in that situation. But it’s not far off and I caught the peak of the action. The foreshortening, raised front hooves and dipping head make it look more like William Whitaker is riding a dolphin than a horse.

In practice, there were only two fences I stood a chance at capturing the action at. The one above and a green and yellow one closer to where I was sitting, but where the horses were moving across my line of view, not towards me, making it even harder to freeze the action. This is another Whitaker, Ellen this time, on Equimax Ocolado. Sounds like a drink or maybe a supermarket.

This is Guy Williams.

The perennial Nick Skelton.

Pius Schwizer.

Unfortunately I misjudged the trajectory of the action, managing to lose the top of Pius’s head. Naomi joked that if I’d done the same with the photo above it, we’d have a picture of Nearly Headless Nick.

British Open Show Jumping Championships 2009

Posted in Equestrianism, Family Outings, Sport by Dennis Wright on May 3, 2009

On 19 April, Naomi, Esther and I went to the British Open show jumping at the LG Arena, NEC Birmingham. To my surprise, photography (without flash) was allowed. Well flash would have been useless at the distances involved anyway.

Some of my pictures from the event, starting with French trainer Jean-François Pignon.

Then the preparations for the grand final showjumping event.

Robert Whitaker on Lacroix 9

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