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Posted in motorsport, Sport by Dennis Wright on August 12, 2009

Philip Rose, who runs the Manchester-based Scitech childrens’ summer science camps, has friends in high places.  In the past he has secured loan equipment from McLaren Mercedes so that the kids at the camp could learn about the science of Formula 1 pit-stops.  This year he went one further and was able to borrow an entire Formula 1 car (minus engine of course) from the newest F1 team, Brawn GP.

So it was that for this year’s camp, held at Altrincham Grammar School, the kids had an opportunity to get their hands on (and their bottoms in) a real F1 car, albeit last year’s Honda model painted up in the current Brawn livery.  The story is that Brawn had done some testing with the 2008 car but changed the front and rear wings to the new specification, then later abandoned it in favour of the redesigned car with the double diffuser which won 6 races at the start of the season.

My eldest son Jonny, who attended Scitech in his youth, later had summer jobs there and shares Philip Rose’s passion for F1, was invited to come along and sit in the car.  Here’s the car from nose …

(in the picture below notice the pit-stop fuel rig hose, also provided by Brawn, in the background)

… to tail.

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