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Egypt 2010 #6 – The White Crocodile

Posted in Egypt, Travel by Dennis Wright on October 3, 2010

Everyone associates the Nile with crocodiles, but there have been none north of Aswan since the dam was built. We did see some crocodiles when we reached Aswan, but we have not got to that yet. In the interim, the cabin stewards produced some towel sculptures to amuse us.

The towel sculpture seems to be a favourite tradition on cruise ships. The stewards leave a different towel sculpture in the cabin each night to give us a bit of a laugh, show off their creative skills and maybe encourage us to tip them a bit more at the end of the holiday.

Alex and Esther had a paticularly inventive steward. The eyes of the crocodile are plastic bottle tops and the “tongue” is the remote from the TV.

Egypt 3578



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  1. donna-mairie wright said, on October 5, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    i put my dads name in the internet and he had been dead for over 12 years it was lovely to see someone had the same as my dad best wishes and regards from a very happy daughter enjoy your trip and have fun.

    dms wright

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