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Chatsworth Horse Trials 2011

Posted in Equestrianism, Sport by Dennis Wright on May 17, 2011

On my last visit to the Chatsworth Horse Trials 2 years ago we had a very young Tiggy with us. A very confused dog indeed. Tiggy did not enjoy the ride from Manchester, puking up in the car just as we arrived in the Chatsworth car park. She then proceeded to bark at all the other dogs (which vastly outnumber the horses) and pull like mad on the lead. She kept that up all day. The weather that day varied from glorious sunshine to torrential rain.

We went back last Sunday this time leaving Tiggy at home. The weather was less variable but hardly ideal. Overcast, not exactly raining but spotting every now and again. Certainly no sun, but we enjoyed the day.

This is Tim Cheffings on the Appaloosa Colby II:

Chatsworth #4

Chatsworth #2


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