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High bitrate video

What to do if the video keeps stopping…

Some of the videos on this site are very much better quality than you would normally see hosted on the Internet on youTube or similar services.

The have a very high “bitrate”, which means the video has not been compressed as much as would be typical on youTube, so there is less degradation of the picture and fewer “compression artifacts”.

This in turn means a larger video file to download relative to the playing time of the video. Note that what normally happens during video playback is that the video file is downloading onto your computer in the background, at the same time as you’re watching it. So long as it downloads at a faster rate than you’re watching it, which is nearly always the case with standard youTube videos, playback is never held up waiting for the next part of the video to be downloaded. With very high bitrate videos, however, the rate of download may not keep up with playback, so the video may keep stopping.

If that happens, it is best to pause the video for a time, while the video file continues to download in the background. The grey line on the control bar, which starts on the left and grows towards the right, indicates how much of the video file has been downloaded on a scale from 0 to 100%.

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