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World Diving Series / London Aquatics Centre Stratford

Posted in Family Outings by Dennis Wright on April 28, 2014

We had a little family trip to the FINA World Series Diving at the London Aquatics Centre yesterday. It was my daughter Esther’s idea. She bought the tickets as a birthday treat for my wife Naomi who had enjoyed watching Tom Daley et al on TV competing at the Olympics two years ago.

My best picture was of Ivan Garcia about to hit the water having dived from the 10m platform.

Ivan Garcia

This guy is maybe better known to UK readers. Tom Daley was not on his best form yesterday although he did execute a few truly excellent dives.

Tom Daley

Not so easy to recognise from this picture, maybe even to his own fans. It’s Chen Aisen, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Chen Aisen


Beyond Limits: Igloo Ticino

Posted in Art, Beyond Limits, Family Outings by Dennis Wright on October 12, 2013

This one is Igloo Ticino by Mario Merz. First the close-up.


Then the wider angle view.



It’s quite a simple idea, but it works. I guess that’s what makes it a good sculpture. I wonder if I could have it adapted to include a small door then use it as a dog kennel in my garden. Tiggy would love it.

Beyond Limits: Marianna

Posted in Art, Beyond Limits, Family Outings by Dennis Wright on October 7, 2013

Back to the sculptures.

This is Marianna by Jaume Plensa.


Naomi particularly liked this. I thought it was OK.

Beyond Limits: Together

Posted in Art, Beyond Limits, Family Outings by Dennis Wright on October 7, 2013

In between taking pictures of the sculptures I spotted this couple enjoying a bit of quiet togetherness on a bench, overlooking Chatsworth House.


They were just there, enjoying the view. In an odd sort of way, it reminded me of when Naomi and I just sat for an hour admiring the totality of Machu Picchu.

Beyond Limits: Tongue in Cheek

Posted in Art, Beyond Limits, Family Outings by Dennis Wright on October 5, 2013

Another sculpture by Tony Cragg. This one is Tongue in Cheek.



I was trying to work out whether the title was supposed to work on a number of levels. That is, was it supposed to look literally like a rolled up tongue inside a cheek, as well as representing something intended as fun and playful?

Questions of interpretation apart, the sculptures in the Beyond Limits exhibition were in general very accessible in the sense that they were eye-catching and enjoyable for their own sake. Just back in August, Naomi and I had been to Venice and were somewhere between bemused and sickened by some of what passes for art at the Biennale fringe events.

Beyond Limits: Current Version

Posted in Art, Beyond Limits, Family Outings by Dennis Wright on October 5, 2013

I had some holiday to use up at the end of September, so Naomi took a few days off as well. We used one of them to visit Chatsworth House, to see the Sotheby’s sculpture exhibition “Beyond Limits” on display in the gardens.

This is Current Version by Tony Cragg.


We enjoyed the trip very much and luckily the weather held up, just. The Chatsworth gardens are quite beautiful and the fact that the 20 sculptures are strategically distributed around the garden area means you end up exploring the whole of it. The gardens set off the art and vice versa, so the experience as a whole was more than the sum of the parts.

On the minus side, I think my Sony DSLR is on its last legs. The electronics went very wobbly at one point and I was shooting “blind”. The problem righted itself but I think I may need to delve back into the camera market quite soon.


The Beagle Channel: Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse

Posted in Travel by Dennis Wright on January 8, 2013

animated argentina flag So far sticking with my new year’s resolution to post more regularly. This is the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse in the Beagle Channel, close to Ushuaia and almost on the border between Argentinian and Chilean waters. 

les eclaireurs

les eclaireurs close-up

Pining for the Chilean Fjords

Posted in Travel by Dennis Wright on December 31, 2012

chileCf Hard to believe I have not posted anything since May. Still have so much to cover from my South American trip. At least one of my New Year’s Resolutions will be to post regularly. Once a week should not be too hard.

I’ll round off 2012 with some images of the Chilean Fjords (taken in March).

Chilean Fjords

Chilean Fjords

Egypt 2010 #3 – Esna lock

Posted in Egypt, Travel by Dennis Wright on August 18, 2010

The afternoon of our trip to the Valley of the Kings our cruise ship (actually glorified riverboat) set off southward in the direction of Aswan.

We had to navigate the lock at Esna. Behind us were more boats waiting their turn. Whenever a riverboat is moving more slowly, close to a stopping point, it rapidly finds itself surrounded by a flotilla of traders in rowing boats. They get very close, trying to get the attention of the passengers, even when the cruise boats are moving. It is a wonder that some of the braver rowing boats don’t get crushed under the bows.

Egypt 3521

We headed to the lock, following another riverboat in. All the riverboats are built to the same design. Apparently there are 300 of them licenced to cruise up and down the Nile.

Egypt 3516

We had traders following us too, trying to sell Jellabahs (gelebaiahs or however you want to spell it), the traditional one piece garments worn by Egyptians. The traders in the picture are wearing them. Our ship, and very likely all of them, have an Egyptian dress up night at some point along the cruise and the traders know the passengers need to get kitted up.

Egypt 3517

Egypt 3522

Into the lock …

Egypt 3523

Egypt 3539

… through the lock and looking back towards it:

Egypt 3538

A Taste of Egypt

Posted in Egypt, Travel by Dennis Wright on July 27, 2010

My it’s been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. That will change though because I have a trip to Egypt to document.

This is just a taster, a sunset taken from the sundeck of our cruise ship, berthed some distance from the Nile riverbank just to the South of Luxor.

Nile Sunset

The clear cut disk of the sun is, I think, the result of a sandstorm which had blown up in the Aswan area a couple of days earlier and resulted in heavily dust-laden air. Well that’s my theory.

It was one of those occasions when you see something spectacular and realise you have just a few minutes in which to go get your camera before the moment has gone.

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Lynas Point 3

Posted in Equestrianism, Travel by Dennis Wright on July 19, 2009

The last batch of photos from Point Lynas.

Esther riding JJ:

More from Point Lynas

Posted in Travel by Dennis Wright on July 16, 2009

A few more random pictures taken in Anglesey.

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